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a filbert to an egg, located in the region of the thyroid cartilage

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soluble in hot chloroform than in hot acetone. It gives the thalleo-

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positive for all pathogens had a substantial increase in the

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surcharged with organic matter liable to putrefaction. With

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Not every woman is qualified to study and practice nursing.

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patic sympathy, as pointed out by Dr. Johnson, in his work on hot

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absent, the diminution amounts to 80 or 90 per cent, and in such cases,

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makes it flow more slowly. A very common remedy is to eat common

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action of specific tonics, such as hydrastis, nux vomica and

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" The Duke of Newcastle was not the first nobleman of his high

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or directly posterior to the opposite surface — each

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turning a long experience to account may be extensively followed by our " practical

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Certain things were worthy of note : in some cases the effects

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x-rays, Harrington, F. H., 332; cases of foreign boily located in the

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speedy and perfect recovery and is enjoying most excellent

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poserior superior spine closer to the dorsum of the

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Franco-German war of 1870-71, and by other observers who saw it during

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place. Professional mistakes in the use of the knife rarely admit

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hooks with the special instrument suppUed for the pmrpose,

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nerve centers and their locations as to anything else

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the haw, or nictitating membrane, shoots over the eyeball. (See