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pain on pressing the loins, and, at last, general prostration.
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by Dr. Allan may be found in a number of cases I am
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as a public lecture hall and a college for Dr Main's medical
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in the thymus, muscle, pericardium, pleurae, periarticular tissues and
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or place a seton cord in it so as to admit the escape of the
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animal body we may introduce with the organisms toxic, immunizing and
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for thirty days, and could not bear to sit near it in con-
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in only eight control cases (none of which contained a spirochsBte),
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the pamphlets that they can now be used to advantage.
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From the point of view of treatment, it is extremely
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therefore, do well to make their remittances during the present month, as the publisher
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Snake-bite, treatment of, by artificial respiration. Bj Tincent Richards 9%
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The illustration herewith presented represents a longitu-
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he had observed the sign in cases of epidemic cerebro-
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That some of the fat in the liver may come directly from the fat re-
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. It is impossible to give a complete list even of the important publications on the
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lished, the etiological agent in these cases is the diplococcus
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hibition in the higher animals are not so common, but are illustrated in
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as developed, are in this vicinity denominated by other
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Rieder, H. Beitriige zur Kentniss der Leukocytose und verwandter
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Soc. of Bos. Supt. and Surg., Charlestown Free Dispy. and
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dropsical conditions relieved. Under this class of remedies we include
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two great trunks: the thoracic duct, which collects th^ fluid of the ab-