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own time and country, as regards this part of medical

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Dr. Moreland, and published at the end of Dr. Pierson's

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The definitive diagnosis of pericarditis depends on the phy-

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gidity. Or, if the organ of amativeness becomes aroused without

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of bronchitis or other diseases of the lungs, and those

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Dr. "Wells, of Chicago, considered that a reduction

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and corrected the position without difficulty. The head seemed large and

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gentlemen to serve on this committee : Drs. E. G. Jane-

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Autopsy.— Perioimed at once. Peritoneal cavity clear. The pancreas shows

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exudation, whereas if there be an effusion of fluid the

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of the active discussion of which it is the perennial sub-

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Hospital Service;, April 21st, show that up to March

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outline of the manner and mode of therapeusis, in conformity

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eral population of cities embracing people of all ages,

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cessive stimulation. When albumoses or peptones are absorbed, they are

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increased considerably during the last six years. They were situated on the

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was no pain or irritation, but the lesions easily bled if knocked. The

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necessary that other State Societies should take similar

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Attending Pediatrist to the Mt. Sinai Hospital, New York.

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petency of the valves is regarded as a more serious defect than obstruction ;

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(b) A case of erythema mutiforme. alifecting the arms, hands,

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all these continents horses are fed, in some cases entirely,

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dislocation of the hip in cerebral palsy; as well as abstract

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ago, whether it was or was not injurious to the health of

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of the picaro in fiction was followed by the assumption

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otherwise we are utterly unable to explain why it should only oc-