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off for each tube, equivalent to 0.450 gm. of* nucleic acid, and this

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pulmonary area, but this may have been of " cardio-pulmonary " origin

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atmosphere. Hence the latter is to be considered as the

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results which, as a general rule, have so far attended the antiseptic

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Treatment. — That depends upon the cause; if from blows across the

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Court decision that for the first time applied antitrust

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In this case the slight coagulation was probably produced by the

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ing vaccination and re- vaccination, is the want of facilities for getting pure vaccine-

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bed, where Dr. D. saw him at 5 o'clock, at which period he was in the follow-

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b7 ; small-poz, 5; measles, 9 ; dropsy in head, 15 ; infantile marasmus, 18 ;

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»\*M *M\\ \MSAUTt»^ w \* ov.; ,v «r,\ r«\M r.xV. bu: ^<^■*s5* it iS fmI^ too oarMSOii*

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In proceeding with a somewhat more detailed account of the symptoms

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of its high refractive power, a property characteris-

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lungs and shortness of breath, there is frequently an interruption of

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length, and small aspirator calibre. At their extremities are

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would not recommend the continuation of this experiment,

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prolific progeny burden and curse this country, producing in their

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clear fluid, confined to limited areas, and is not accom-

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tute the formidable disease, and not even if anorexia

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and it is from the want of it that we fo often hear

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Types of pneumococcus in the mouths of normal persons 571

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of lobular pneumonia occurring in patches, whereas this case

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It is not everyone who, in preparing roast beef, manages to

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during the inspiratory phase. On holding the breath the block entirely dis-

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ratory pressure, and may indeed, even if there be no positive

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of the heart's action, rapid respiration, and death in