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cent. It is therefore very similar to iodoform in its properties, but
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ralize in Germany the physical methods of diagnosis. The
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We turn with disgust from eating any thing that is rotten,
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in Britain had been that of London in i6iS, but its formulae were not binding upon
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often more than once, and then, as in the World War, mailerl back
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Accessory and Nasal Cavities, Diseases of the. By J. A. Stucky, M. D., 481
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majority may also be described as latent, that is, not revealed by any
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the formation of matter between the jaws by fomentations,
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As a rule the caecum and ileocsecal" valve are extensively diseased; the
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large enough, so that all would have hiBid room to work,
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Lewis and Mosenthal,^^ Murlin and Niles^^ and Strouse.^"^ The details
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encountered in these new fields. The time has flown swiftly since
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to the hospital that afternoon; injected cocaine in his spinal canal,
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been successful; and yet in the hands of others have entirely failed. It is true,
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PiNZANi, in an Italian pamphlet with the above title, describes a series of
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that it became desirable to use solutions of pure proteins for these
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thet the development of an abscess of the breast may often arrest peritonitis,
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of the carotid artery on one side, caused the body to be thrown
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jf the State, information concerning and specimens of
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Royal Medical and Chirurgica] Society of Loudon. Catalogue
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ing of the wind pipe in the floor of the mouth, the thumb being
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the abdomen ; " and," says the writer, " as he found this highly
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water. Hydrochloric acid and liquor potassse are without action
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cervix alone. In other words, the cervix may be found either curved
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or trapper who presents with an acute febrile illness. Do-