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indeed, still it may end fatally in croup, putrid sore throat, or

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as milkers, or for the blood that was in them for breed-

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(55 minutes) being consumed by walking — is quite

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The following characteristics are present: A stroma of compact fibrous tissue

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on. Notwithstandingthe attitude of the Association,

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to it from the intestinal or digestive tracts and the convulsive attacks

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the tongue may be very rough, fissured and indented and

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0.001 gm. each of several thyroid preparations produced a maximunii

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by Y-branches, leaving an open hub, to be closed by a brass nip-

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berry, which had the desired effect. She walked from

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as his sufferings were great we put a trocar into his colon. It

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natural passages is impossible, but the inherent dangers are so

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tracted through the ulcerated opening, which had existed there

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the teaching of the present day. Every anatomical school should

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necullum Diaboli adtum, utquiopereturin illoadfalutem &leva—

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fleet, who will visit the ships whenever a boat shall be sent to him

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Thousands of women are in bad health and unable to perform

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prising the whole thickness of the bone, the arrest of growth is complete. If

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perature and blood-pressure charts. They summarize the results

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authors maintain that the quantity of uric acid in the urine is slightly

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ject, published in 1883, in the Medicinische Jahrhucher, report that as

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lists on a uniform plan with the Imperial Insurance

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cal lacerations may break through the cortex, and the

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quotidian, tertian, and quartan types. Some cases prove per-

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to be assumed that after G or 7 p.m., everyone had a comfortable

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worms try to flee from their danger, which causes dis-

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tion of affairs here considered are almost always women. It is to be hoped

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ferred to the forces at work which prevented a high standard of health from

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existence of the volume before us is strong testimony to