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of graduates is not, however, an indication of the number of students, for many
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following considerations. First, that he will one day have to render an
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in 78% to 84% of patients undergoing corpus callosotomy for
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tal at a cost of 870,000. It is intended for the ac-
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The researches of Hunt 11 on the effects of prolonged perspiration
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ber of leucocytes. During the following eight days he
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succeeds so perfectly, and is so much better than any other in
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a second operation was required. On four, I did a supervaginal
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with some modifications, Dr. Simpson*s form. The instrument he describes is 15| inches long ;
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hereby repealed ; provided that all proceedings had, and all obligations imposed,
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part of town and spread from that infected district, but appeared in different localities
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time of death. All of these were cases of long standing. It is in these
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is completely closed; the redness has spread to the forehead.
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ery to his friends and relatives^^^ and patiently mended a broken
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the train to come here, entitled " A Severe Case of
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Paris, where he became the pupil of Laennec and Andral. His
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