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male brain is 64 ounces, the minimum 34 ; the maxi-

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a smaller dose was administered, in from fifteen to forty-five

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for three months. When she returned she walked much better and

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that the localising symptoms which result from abscess in the different

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1862 d. — Zur Anatomie der Milben. [Abstract of paper read 4. Jan. 1861]

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open curve to the costal arch, and widening and bulging of the inter-

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lich units. Spectroscopic examination of the urine on the

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spontaneously, but would hit upon clinical questions asked

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origin of the ventral ramus. This might be interpreted as indi-

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Not many years ago, I was informed ttet in the Hos-

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without any external wound. The cases are twelve in number,

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splints can then be employed, and are made of block-tin or

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whether a particular act has been executed correctly or has been for-

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ber wagon in which she had been riding. The bag of waters was

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subpoenaed by defendant, but his evidence was not thought

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most insidious of all our animal plagues, the one which

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One of the strangest pilgrimages the world has ever seen is

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By George Murray Humphry, M.B., F.B.C.S. Cambridge,

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B. influenzae. This invasion is consequent to a lowering of the barrier

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vomiting ; at other times by promoting secretion of

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to their sovereign, no patriotism or rights to defend,

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same perfect restorations of function. At the elbow and shoulder

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nary meningitis which occur in the practice of any physi-

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murmur, constrained movement of the ribs, the dry crepitations or

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the number of single operations to 47.o, and the deaths to 115, with a mortality