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Par. 15, S. O. 261. .-I. G. O.. Washington.^ovemhex 8, 1888.

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he could, however, move the arm and also the hand slightly. The left

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and a delusion. The less they know the further wrong they

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Leong, Ellen Fook len, a, w, sp, Honolulu, T.H. U. of Michigan; Senior C.

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Phone us. Let us talk contemporary taxes and accounting.

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Musical talent, also, is to be desired, for the same reasons; and

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which has its especial practitioners. The very exist-

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will show, frequently, the presence of a nontuberculous

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containing large multinucleated bodies. The follicles in many places were

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operation area uppermost, the English hobbles being used ; he was

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essay on the "Development of the Natural Teeth," that seventy-

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contract, and we find kinks at various points along the ileum. Sir

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This result must be controlled by the inoculation of susceptible animals.

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or less familiar with golf long before it became a fad in the

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five cases occurring within a year or two after delivery were

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too clearly the extent of the evil which is unfortunately too often only

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5, costing $1.25, was probably the best form of appa-

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Storungen de.s Mnskel - Sinnes bei der cerebral Hemipleg." Wien. Min. IVochensch.

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Mays, " Pulmonar>' Consumption Considered as a Neu-

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whereas tlie same bacteria in the highly susceptible invade the blood and

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to the amount of active pepsin present at the beginning of the reaction ;

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am not permitted to refer here to his purely surgical work —

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canvas or duck, laced up on one side with a mit sewed on to

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usual terminations of an original brow case, and to the dangers for

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lesions can be produced, though the disease as it occurs in man

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found to give immediate eafe in this fpecies of the

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albuminuria? He thought such statements too vague. We ought to consider

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pang to the mother's suffering, but is actually a relief — for the

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(3) Carriers should not be allowed to return to school or mix with

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breast, &c., in addition to the cure of numerous diseases.

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nature. He had been vomiting a good deal, and had small passages