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dium contains 1 per cent, of Witte's peptone and 10 per cent, of gelatin.
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displacement of the ends of the broken 3 011lts sll0uld be carefully watched,
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properties are adapted to supply material for the nourishment and growth of
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the pain is diffused; in fracture it is largely confined to the point
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device for the purpose of simplifying the study of the ocular
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than the central. Enfeebled or worn-out arteries may
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matured zymosis seems essential to the production of the full
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work for the heart if vasodilatation did not ease the strain and at
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London. ^ , .^„t^ _„,„ in Upper Clapton, during which
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lawyer, said: "But a certain Samaritan, as he journeyed,
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Seven of the faculty of the St. Louis College of Physi-
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nephropathic animals to acute mercuric chloride intoxication 261
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the palate has not closed spontaneously, this should be wired into
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7. Michaelis, L., Die Wasserstofl&onenkonzentration, BerHn, 1914.
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fish, eighteen per cent., oatmeal twelve per cent., peas
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good. He stated that before using this treatment his
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of the Thuja oil, and now there is but a slight haziness
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also in formal resolutions passed by such representative bodies
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to bear in all its force ; the consolidation of the lung
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ion that mucli of her suffering might be relieved by some
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Books for review, and all communications relating to the
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of uncertainty, slowness, and great expense. In severe cases, moreover,
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broad way, and is eminently fair to our Canadian medical
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1 Vide Trans. Am. Med. Association, vols. i. and iv. Several cases successfully
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even in the most diluted state, will keep up this disease, acting like a
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the whole body, -were thrown into violent alternate action. While
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