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diately removed. It may happen that the eyelashes are turned towards

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similar symptoms as operative procedure has several times conclusively

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applied it in man, and though they claim to have obtained success in treat-

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The active principle of this fungus {muscarine) produces somewhat differ-

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dozen or 6(leen in each arm. — Dr. Shilometh S. Whipple has been elect-

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thymus bulged into the wound, and was drawn out as far as possible and

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depended on the presence of fat in the bacillus, and there is no doubt that fatty

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almonds. A similar odour is detected in prussic acid poisoning, but the

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should be inserted, and the trachea further explored on another occasion.

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tilation, and that ventilation by day is not sufficient to preserve the pa-

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probity and truth. I am sorry to observe that there are profligates in

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guttapercha. All porcelain crowns are extensively used also, especially

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the public mind, and banished from general practice such an abuse of

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desirable. In my practice I have had no difficuhy in regulating their

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Affection of Ceanial Nerves. — In rare cases the olfactory nerve may

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fails, artificial respiration must be carried on, and hypodermic injections of

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short interval, by pain in the stomach and abdomen, by vomiting and

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attended to, no injury results to the vaccine virus. Lymph, by this

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was at an extraordinary degree of cold below zero that the academiciana

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bovine tuberculosis by Koch's recent paper' at the British Congress on

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valuable remedy in the low stages* of typhous and other feversi wheia

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in four days. Roux's constant is a toxic solution, of which 0*1 c.c.

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foreign quackery by which our country is disgraced and overrun. Being