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clinical observations. Gibbons suggests an increase of 1% in the

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mal's life, asked if Ave were not going to give or administer some-

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ignorance, but a stratum of real ignorance lies at the bottom of it.

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the circulation would be restored. At the end of five

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and systematic * Guide to Qualitative Analysis.* A volume by Dr. Watson, on the

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sensation ; the patient had the impression that snakes were creeping

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State, upon satisfactory proof being exhibited to them that such previous

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municated by vaccination. If impetigo is due, as is probable, to the

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branch of the pulmonary artery, had occasioned this peculiar kind of suff'oca-

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hasten the formation of the pus by applying poultices of

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Brookbank, M.D., F.R.C.P. Pp. 148. Third edition, with illustrations.

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Schmidt, H. B.: Effect of pituitary injections on the blood pressure of

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About an inch to the right of this was the other, which

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and his diet must be simple. The brain has received a

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The possibility of mediate infection by means of linen, books, toys,

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their employment dovetails with the astringent hand injections as

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This mechanism may become effective only in conditions in which the

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macula urens, rubens, prefllone diilimulanda, tnmi-

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an egg albumin solution to which the pepsin had been added. From

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Physiological methods are rapidly revolutionizing psychology ;

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tabulated; but there is one influence not before taken into

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relative to other districts immediately adjacent. For the opportunity of consulting the

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the carpal and tarsal joints, and it was related that several of

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less necessity, it seems to me, arises for anything more than the

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Oxygen Saturation and Cardiac Rhythm During Transoral

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pulse 104 ; temperature 99 F. ; discharge consisted of dark,

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— > FIFIELD, William C % B., Ashland St., near Park, Harrison

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tlie same, secondarily destroy the kidney. Schroeder is inclined

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F.R.C.P., F.R.S., F.L.S., F.S.A.. Regius Professor of Physic

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the system at large, so that other stones will not form.

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of fever are much abated, he is to be laid abed but he must not be immediately covered with

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reads before he knows his letters," is the boast of the