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If ever a plant deserved specific rank, this one does. Many a*

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fact that constipation is frequent in the typhoid of children.

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is a well-marked painful point at the right foramen supraorbitale.

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drawn up against the abdomen and the shoulders inclined toward the knees.

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mach is an incurable disease, in which it is not only useless but even

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The question as to what happens if the lumen of a small

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While cough and expectoration are constant symptoms of

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RENCE, the eminent surgeon, has had the ; at the early age of 32. He was favourably

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simulation of some serious malady, with functional disturbance of

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of the neuroglia. There is also present a very great

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pneumococcus. The following case suggests the possibility of an

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It would, first, be a great advjintage to the services

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It is, besides, highly characteristic of the actual condition of society, that this

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