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remarkably true of the bufly coats exhibited by the blood in
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with which to warm my hands, and the instrument. I place
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type which has been described by Simmonds, of Hamburg, under the name
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Is hyperplasia of the thyroid more prevalent in the first two
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last year,* seems to be more marked in the bacteria-free stage than
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Throughout the clinical course the tonicity of the extensors remains
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endocarditis, with pulmonary infarctions and a cerebral hemorrhage (as
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stomach or bowels had returned. In addition to his previous
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normal muscle '. In its absence the muscle is soft to palpation and is unduly
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Rubin. Urobilin in Typhoid, Miinch. med. Woch., 1907, p. 507.
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disappeared in a week or two. In 3 cases there was a bulky effusion
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continued every other day until the secondary infection was under control.
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increase in distance, is most rapid for a small source. The inference was
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Trendelenburg's operation was begun within 20 minutes of the com-
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scalpel dissection from the diaphragm. In the case recorded all this was
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Diagnostic between Irritation and Inflammation of the Mucous
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in the interval between the periods of its use. The maximum dosage
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form a quantitative estimation of it may be readily made by the
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receptors of a species other than those in response to which it was developed.
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and the gold chloride solution kept in a dark bottle stoppered
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but soon the receptive field extends from this focus, and usually in time
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evoked extension at hip and knee, and downward movement of the foot and
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known for 184 of the 212 deceased patients; for 28 it could not
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treated by serum which in four cases was diphtheria antitoxin, in one case
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Left lung presented an healthy appearance throughout.
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Vines, H. W. C. (2). The coagulation of the blood. Part II. The clottine
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somewhat clearer but still ataxic aphasia. Two days later the consolida-
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general paralysis. For this treatment he used the serum of jjaticnts with secondary
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further epidemics of this kind the writers recommend an absolute prohibition
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to take place in the form of a curve. Such curves are represented
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The lesions found at autopsy on two of the dogs are described, but similar
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kitherto been chiefly antiphlogistic. They employed in most
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and plantar reflexes ^are often present, and may be evoked very soon after