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degeneration and slight brown atrophy. Aorta slightly atheromatous
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under the body of the waggon, the fore-wheels in the Mark V.
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men when she was ironing or long standing, but, as it caused no
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obtain a commission if only as a second lieutenant." " I believe,"
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said, and I shall conclude by expressing the conviction that we have lost
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after the inoculation of human tuberculosis (Xocard). This, perhaps,
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Soc. 1894, vol. clxxxv. — 2. Lvciana. II Cerveletto, 1891 ; Archives italiennes de biologic,
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general law exists pertaining to the pollution of the water
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I have not made any observations on the effects of sleep on
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in cases of rheumatic endocarditis, seems to stand as follows :
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lyzed by Dr. MacCallum there was fracture of the base
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translation of the inflammation of some organ to the brain: as a
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To this he demurred, stating that he would never wear it.
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disintegrating portions. The margin of the os is free, with the
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rose spots may be seen or the Widal reaction given for the first tme. The
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This method cannot be applied to a large class of cases in which
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on smallpox — First account of academic degrees conferred
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century B.C. is credited with formulating the doctrine of
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twelfth day after fouling; this inability to recover the organism
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fore, but tliere were no malarial individuals to infect the insect.
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between 25 to 30 per cent, of mares with tusks more or less de-
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tumor could be made to float in the abdomen, so as to be brougbt
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student should be advised to purchase an instrument of his own. The
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however, that in about 60 per cent, of the cases so charted, there is a
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rapidly terminating in death after an illness lasting a few hours. No
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nally, which gradually extended to the surface, and was tollowel by profuse perspiration, with
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board of more than 3,000 miles, and an inland frontier of perhaps equal
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cleaning a pair of gloves with benzine and had on cellu-
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royal families of England and Belgium. I first knew
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