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of the thirty-second myotome. Grouped according to specimens,

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view of the fact that it recently has been considered and

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ence has amply shown, are apt to conceal their ignorance under

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Introduced by: George T. Lukemeyer, M.D., President, ISMA

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to disappear, even though the motor paralysis remains, (xii.) When the

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reaction differentiates our strains from the V. Kegallensis.

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The position of the nitro group was determined by boiling a por-

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therefore, be employed by those only who are acquainted with

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thrombosis of the veins and shrivelling up of the gland.

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phases were taken; the weight, height and age; the transverse diameter,

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and Deutsche Zeitschrift f. Thiermedicin, etc. 1879, p. 33, with plate. — 29. Ponfick.

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staff for organizing the Mount Sinai program, and a special bow to

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find that out of four cases operated upon, in which the patient

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In other cases it may be necessary to do an external urethrotomy,

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may be here and there a statement that is not quite satis-

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place after birth, as the result of the setting-up of the processes

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Rotations (Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Family

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Massachusetts General Hospital confirmed the opinkm

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warmer than the stables, and the foul air, rendered more

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case in two military expeditions sent out by England — one

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country population ; but I am satisfied that;! very slow, and probably it has not a due

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my disparagements are alike uncalled for and useless.

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Present Illness. — Cough and pain in the chest two days before admission.

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one joint to another till he finds it impossible to move

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In the tables which follow I have calculated the per

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who attended last winter's course, of the case of a

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view at the base: left, during diastole the left atrium, which is

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was due to total closure of the tube at its uterine

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Dr. Peknet said he had seen one or two cases of diabetes insipidus in