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myocardial infarction. N Engl J Med 1992; 327:669-77.

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situation may arise where the hospital is part of an institution having a distinct

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almost impossible to believe that he had been suffering

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14th. À. lesion at the base of the brain, not on the median line,

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Only under exceptional circumstances will articles of over 4.000

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ears were affected it is not stated which side was first at-

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hours after this draught. Toward morning he awoke ; he

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findings of “necrosis” or “cellulitis.” Of the nine patients

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not inoculable to the lower animals, as is abundantly proved

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cal link between consumption of L-tryptophan tablets or

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within the canal? The leading symptoms, at the outset, were pain in the

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appeared. Dr. Lownds generally ordered two ounces of Liebig's cold soup'

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All communications intended for the editor should be addressed to him

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a small percentage of the cases apoplectiform or epileptiform seizures are

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America and the West India islands, in places where the said mosquito

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area that was intended to form the inner lining of the

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be entirely absent and the cough merely of a paroxysmal character,

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completely controlled by the hot water. In such cases,

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the legislature was perfectly justified in rendering the performance of inocula-

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Was it because of its utter failure to digest albumen and

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In the present edition many additions of note and merit have

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the idea that the so-called special cmcer-cells would be

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Par., 1894, 2. s., vi, 100. — lllercier ( C. ) Medical reti-

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highly refractive, resembling tiny fat globules. This coarsely granular

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can be given, mixed well in a large wine-glass of sweet-

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lightly smeared every three or four days with spiritus zinc, chlor. ;

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self. To the parts that have already been made raw, a mixture

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wound were drawn over the uterus and sewed together, but

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on the actions of alcohol, and an equally critical disquisition on

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remains, and it occasionally happens that in young persons

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Fluoroscopy examinations will also be facilitated shortly with the installa-