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and is only irritant to the gastric mucous membrane in
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stance of great relief to painful symptoms, and a posi-
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in the normal eye and the application of the principles involved
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On examining the body after death, he finds the lungs lower in tem-
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Fat has an inhibitory action upon the stomach; it remains longer
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of the granulation tissue months after. In one of these cases,
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point of view, as the other. For naso-pharyngeal growths, however,
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acid. This is true only for H2SO4, and here only partly, but not
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their own homes, prophylaxis by disinfection of sputa, etc., is very diffi-
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septics produces similar effects. The modified organisms thus produced
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rounded by a localized peritonitis. In the stomach he found a
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has encouraged those who supposed the stricture to be constantly
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the spinal meninges, only a turbid fluid. Netter's ex-
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and the mental depression of liver disease has passed into a proverb. The
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going on in the face and the presence or absence of complicating condi-
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body; elegance, ease and endurance of action, quickness,
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Life may be spared for a long time ; but it will be endangered in
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respect them to the second. They know that if they are caught selling
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** 4. Interstitial Pregnancy. — This is relatively the rarest of all the forms of
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difference in temperature or humidity is found. Milton's description of a
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parallel with that muscle for about three inches to
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a third injection was given, and the condition showed more definite
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other times gelsemium will be available. Lycopus has
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build and equip with all the appliances of modern science, a hos-
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1,000 men, the weather being then intensely hot. After honoring me
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treatment of diphtheria is to be presented in a special paper before this
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of the assistant may be as little in the way as possible; sharp
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