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D. Sachse*s translation of Prof. Gross's Surgery, published at

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suffer from subsequent attacks, and it is im|x>ssible to prophesy

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arterialized if it did not escape to the opposite side of the heart.

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rated, balsam of Peru or other stimulating applications are used.

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tions for the Relief of Uterine Deviations or Displace-

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by Fischel, which came on with fever twenty days after the crisis, and

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of a nerve as observed in an isolated nerve-muscle preparation. The

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rate for the corresponding period of the past ten j'ears was 22.8

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The lady had borne children. The part of the neck engaged extended from

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Also, the Text and Plates, bound in one handsome volume, extra cloth. Price $9 50.

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nearly impenetrable interface between the bloodstream and the brain.

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It is perhaps scarcely necessary to remark that the study of the

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every two hours from two to three days. I should then

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head, throbbing, and other unpleasant sensations, sometimes deli-

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Designed for a lay public, the magazine contains in-

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emergency medicine. EMIG members are actively involved in research in the emergency

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the kidneys with the rheumatism liniment once a day for

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the pamphlets that they can now be used to advantage.

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