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the same thing the authors get positive results with glutamine, glutaminic
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been devised by means of which the attempt is made to construct
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awkward circumstances, it was found impossible to push up the
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results. In the army none but the healthy are immunized, any
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and 244 living patients. The character of the curves for the living
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Pathology and Bacteriology W. BULLOCH, M.D., LL.D., F.E.S.
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family afflicted with gout, so that this result may have some significance.
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paratyphoid infection or are inoculated with typhoid or paratyphoid vaccine
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same type, from the different members, with one exception in which
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the cause, the excretion of urobilin in the urine should be increased.
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has been concentrated in a volume of 5 c.c. is obtained. For
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found to be maintained. The operation is to be recommended as being
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changes more or less interdependent. These are : (1) Diseases of the glands
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» Protein MetalKjlisni from the Standpoint of Blood and Tissue Analysis, Sixth
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hence this organ loses its accustomed brilliancy, and becomes dull
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these may be reckoned one of great importance, the probable
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he has known of suicides committed by patients as a result of this belief.
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rarely the vertebral column or the long bones. In the adolescent it affects
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would have been the diagnosis even after the demonstration of a
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it is responsible for an actual increase in size of the red cells. G. W.
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level kinetic mechanisms should lead to postural hypertonus, tonus being
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in chronic nephritis with hypertension. Arch. Int. Med., 1921, 28, 426.
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area in the esophagus without some means of guiding the point of
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cases could he find no family history of peritonsillar abscess, whereas in the
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the severity of the asthmatic attacks has taken place. The resjiiratory
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as well as the following cases have been confirmed by pathological
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genous leukemia in a patient, aged fifty-two years, who showed
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conversed with great fluency, ease, and grace. The transition
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cases the effect can be predicted from the solubility in water or in salt
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a man aged 30, in whom the onset was sudden, and the typical symptoms of
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and prolonged blood-letting ; (3) grafting of transplantable tumours. The
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regards the limitations of the eye-movements frequently present in Graves's
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