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to gouty manifestations of every kind. AVe have already noted the

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healing and cicatricial tissue is formed, which obstructs to a greater

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at the same time any considerable number of the above-mentioned

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construction of, 183 ; staff of, 185 ; instruction in, 196.

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may be caused by the presence of other substances than sugar. If

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2. Gramdar Atrophy. — The albuminuria so often observed in cases

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readily inflamed, so that infection produces most painful and persis-

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ocular muscles occurs in seven per cent, of the cases of diabetes ; the

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' The subject of syphilitic nephritis has been recently treated by Josserand, Lyon

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proper directions in this regard, and only in this way do we have

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regarded as a rare complication, altliougli more frequent in diabetes

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1. The Daily Amount of Sugar Excreted, and its Estimation.

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The Prostate Gland. — Just in front of the neck of the bladder,

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cases, fear of hydrophobia seems to be the only assignable cause of

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The management of a case of syphilis ought to be intrusted to the

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eels, lampreys, etc. ; tinned fish, such as sardines in oil, anchovies,

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The formation of pus is a common result of a blood tumor, yet,

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admit that there nas been no advance made in that time at all commen-

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disturbances, the consideration of which belongs to another part of

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positive evidence in support of this view. Simon, on the other hand, is

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Sir Alfred enunciated his theor}- of gout contributed not a little to its

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posed of three bones, the ilium, ischium and pubic ; these unite in

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ena of intestinal dyspepsia become quite confirmed. The stomach

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verse fibers known as the commissure, or the corpus callosum.

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however, this mode of origin of the disease, if ever active, is extremely

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The Cranial Nerves. — (For origin see plate.) — Twelve pairs of

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joints. In some cases pregnancy seems to hasten the progress of

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