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he gives in 40 gr. doses, with 5 gr. of Dover's |)owder every

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of the ridge marking the right inferior side of the

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making its way by the external ear, leaves the hearing intact. But when

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denied in a physiological point of view, are nevertheless strictly in accord-

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were less than 36 years of age, and in 21.2 per cent, less than

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furnished by Jacobson of his six imsuccessful cases."

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no lightning was seen or thunder heard ; and although we must conclude

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rectly down into the pelvis, and the tip adherent to a mass in

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19 'Comparative Pathology of the Jews. (Concluded.) Maurice

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son by Colonel Miller and based upon 72 analyses of the

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seemingly did not belong. It was found in those places

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ture, visited Jefferson Medical College Hospital, April 1. The

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the heart, (Clin. Chir. t. i. p. 357.) Dupuytren does not omit to point out

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Weak or diluted alcohol does not extract the virtues of this agent, and

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to remedy deficient respiration. The medicinal agents are detailed which

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answer every purpose, the trachea itself may be cauterised [?]. Under this

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solution containing also 8 grains of boric acid to the

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informs us, that there are attending lectures in this institution 151 students:

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dark colour, ecchymosed, and highly injected. Membrane pulpy, almost

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suddenly fell down. Took a cup of water in his left hand, but could not

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would have called "typhomalarial fever" inasmuch as they

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easiest and quickest way to master them is by rule, de-

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half century, and beyond the introduction of necessity

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creasing or continued coma. If the immediate effects were

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but smaller than those occurring in the spleen occur. The best

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requiring operation, and he has had seven such cases during

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were involved. This must, therefore, be carefully con-

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number of school children infected. The leading occupations

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that the decision was given against the English practitioners. — Lancet^

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are all pregnant with suggestions as to the nature of

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no medical superintendent be appointed and that the name be

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motion and spasmodic contraction In lower limbs ; 17 months l>efote

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He was found extremely septic and debilitated, with fever and