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gravity varying on the different days between 1008 and 1012, and the percentage of
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sent the more prominent scientific principles involved in their true light.
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p. 695): "Almost all those, without exception??? who are
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Mr. Percivakl alludes to the lameness and rapid tumefac-
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This operation is best performed by passing silk through the tail
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ticular epidemic diseases have acquired that disease during the first
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measles ; and that this hist disease will seize a patient
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remarkable experiments of Magendi have shown. It appears, therefore,^
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as it is to members of our State Legislature. The Disserta-
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inducing the hypnotic state as they" are not of any great
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one after another, all the bones of the limbs became fractured,
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that his patient probably contracted the disease while working
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stopping the plague caused by Epiales and restored health and
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brethren have gone astray, thoughtlessly, and in ignorance of the
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Anthomya (p. 210); Argas (p. 269) <Dict. d'hist. nat., Par., v. 1, pages cited.
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to be employed to insure constancy of reaction under all circumstances.
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whatever to do with the haemorrhoidal veins, and are changes
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The Anthesteria was a three-day celebration to Dionysus.
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Literature describing the University and its manifold
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* During the journey recorded above, we stayed a day at Chicago. It
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and important diseases of the lungs ; that it will be the means of
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give rise to the fatty albuminous molecular base of the chyle ; but that,
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be incomplete ; and then, in his efforts to speak, the patient
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sodium acetate solution until neutral to Congo red, and recrystallized
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crystalline lens ; the transparent lenticular body situated
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In New Hampshire (G. S. 103, §§ 1-14). In Rhode Island (G. S. 74.
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relieve the deranged circulatory conditions and give years of
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it broke up into ten or twelve pieces, mostly casing, but partly lead.
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considered the lesion to be essentially a periarteritis. They admitted
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every month, between the menstrual epochs, I doubt not this periodical
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diagnosis of perforated appendix or bowel was made and a ruptured
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tor, " is want of sleep. Notwithstanding strong hereditary pre-dis-
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bronchiectasis by the history of the disease, and usually by the absence of
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waist offers almost as delightful possibilities; but the average shirt