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subject to night-sweats, but there has been only slight emaciation. The

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A vote of thanks was passed to Dr. LaRoque for his very

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a great interest in my little patient, I visited her at her own

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of the femur, the tibia and the protarsus in legs II., III. and IV.,

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fell to 1KS.'.(° and the pulse ht'canie more rapid, 1 JH.

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know best." I told him he was not sent for by our re-

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suppression of the urine, nor produce a serious disturbance in the

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yet, are the Laramie Plains; the plains lying east of the

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met, in making post-mortem examinations, with several

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rounding adipose and connective tissues. How to check such

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Thus in 1846 the borderland of medicine and surgery had become

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acting as full surgeon to the hospital from the year

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on Wednesday evening, April 6th, at 8 o'clock. Dr. J. Leslie

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continued to spread, and by the time the mother had

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of physician seems to me to be the only one deserv-

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^^The grounds around the garrison," says Assistant Surgeon T.

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because the cases have got well so readily. In one case of

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opisthotonos present For some time he had been delirious,

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coughs require different treatment and what will relieve one

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similar appliances, are put in busy requisition, and if the child

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cussions has been found adequate, we trust; the many valuable contrf-

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Howard Taylor Ricketts established the ixodid tick as the

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sion) or when gross compression or gross lesions of the brain

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III. There were 12 females and 5 males. All underwent

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dilatation of the latter and still less of its large branches within Glisson's capsule.

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solution are infected and, after remaining from three to twelve hours at 37

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minister lebelia to another, ought to be punished, and

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obtained for a blood smear. The smear revealed 99 per

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situation and at the root of the neck : there was well-marked

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created that was the master instead of the servant, and the once

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are intense thinking, especially when the mind is long occupied upon one

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«tand and small yield, while all other untreated seed planted

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proceeded from a cicatrix remaining after a wound in the face,^

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striking contrast between the results obtained after the first and

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of the meninges as soon as, or before the aural mucosa. Most all

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fell into a state of complete lethargic coma, in which