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were large and his results have been amply confirmed. He made the

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Human beings are also susceptible, though in a less degree.

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estimated. The clothes are carefuUy removed, the burned area thoroughly,

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food, his stomach rebels again. I have often been applied to by

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Gilbert, as is shown by the catalogue of the library

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Butler, Jean Mann, 421 Birch Avenue, Westfield, N. J.

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Cirrhosis, on tapping in. By S. 0. Habershon, M.D 37

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About the year 1705, there appears to have been a general desire that one

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may add for most children, necessary to this end is

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than thev really possess " (British Med. Jour., October

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3. The 1980 Report of the Joint National Committee on

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carefully applied vibration. The condition of the stomach

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time to time amended, as experience of its practical workings indi-

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infer, however, that the movement of the hair upon the skin in the

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diseases, such as syphilis, influenza, typhoid fever, erysipelas, scarlet fever.

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(Berl. k/in. Woclienschr., No. 37) recommends applica-

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they have published. At the conclusion of his work ^ he makes

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Hospital. B.A. 1973, Queens College, City University of