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Prometrium Versus Progesterone Cream

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in the aforesaid work. Professor Dunglison observes that the subject

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dead, nor in cutting it up in living subjects; we see the disadvantage in that,

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have at least the consolation of having rendered darkness visible. Our in-

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distinctly less than those reported from the Swiss Alps. Although,

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stage of enlargement, mitosis and cell division, can be made out in

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— the chances of living — when we are traduced by all the world for the

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RuFOi WvMAif, M.D. Jacob BiosLOW, M.D. Eirocn Halb, M.D.

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tion. Women who wish to be nurses need practical skill, powers of ob-

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tween their fermentative and their toxic actions. When injected into

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by tnose who know nothing of the cares and responsibilities of profes-

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is violently active, times when it sleeps and seems almost to disappear,

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pushed into greater activity and usefulness by the direct stimulus of

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patient or from the house ; but it is pretty clear that communication

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d'Electricite Medicale, 1888.— 9. Steavenson. Elect7-olysis in Surgery. Churchill,

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agitated by a convulsion inconceivably frightful, and speedily recovers ;

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its utility in this direction. It is possible the condition of the stomach

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notice sometimes an acute suppurative nephritis, an earlier stage of

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nata, and upwards into tbe right carotid, but none into the commence-

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disagrees, recourse may be had to koumiss in small quantities (Koumiss,

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and the sick of every rank in life would reap the benefit. In no other

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and Modern Treatment. 8vo. London, 1893. — A more extended bibliography will be

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The determination of this point goes far to explain outbreaks of

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the latter harmless to a guinea-pig weighing about 300 grammes, is taken

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in the sun or in the shade. The condition is one of syncope, and may

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rains will stop an epidemic by filling up the pores and removing the

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The subject, indeed, is beset with difficulties. It is most difficult

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increased sensibility and tenderness. The mother of this patient has

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free, and were also destitute. Not a single patient had been a servant

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supplied with blood-vessels, the results are less striking. Firm pressure,