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and primarforrycthet. Several cases of paranoia are

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breast, &c., in addition to the cure of numerous diseases.

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sergeant meets the on coming rush at the door of the mess room, and if everything

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admitted into the workhouse infirmary on January 6, suffering

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ises of appropriations for their particular benefit. The

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TABLE 1 - World Experience in Small Intestine Transplantation Since 1987

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readily assenting, to make an extensive straight ver-

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distinct than in the other zone. The dull white lines of the

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gidity. Or, if the organ of amativeness becomes aroused without

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development of bacteriology gradually, however, dispelled the

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Etiology. — (a) lleredily. — In eight per cent, of Haeberlin's cases

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loop of a catgut or silk ligature down to the bleeding area

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monstrated to you on the artificial eye. We throw light

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of ventilation, the ventilation of sewers being an important

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may cause dangerous and even fatal symptoms by plugging the pulmonary

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molecule to receptors on the presynaptic side of the syn-

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should be given in Celsius. Use the generic name of drugs, with the

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sufficient to give, nature its proper course, you must lower

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power and relatively slight or no invasiveness. In these bacteria virulence

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tion, and it may surprise most laymen, and the majority of practi-

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whenever possible, and to keep the small sizes for use away

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The respiration is seldom much impeded; but deep invohnitary

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the right ventricle communicated with the left by an

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tributes to the re-establishment of the normal condition of the

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as large round as the little finger, half an inch of

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had been expelled. The colon could be plamly made out,

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writing of this Part is the fulfillment of promises sacredly made during the

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This is a rare plant, coming into our range only in the western

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Despite the claim of Unna that all eczema is due to

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take place, and it may be doubted if in Case 4 the ligature was

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used. Patient was giddy for a long time, could not walk

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muscles with the scapula in fish and urodelans. In the hind limb the levator

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Mastoid cells, abscess of the. By S. H. Dessau, M.D ^ 173

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tirely ceased : there was no respiratory action, and the convulsions of death were limited to

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necessary in this form of treatment, the ideal method is to employ

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