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1 O., cloudy ; C, clear ; F., fair ; U., fog ; H., hazy ; S., smoky ; R., rain ; T., threatening ; N., snow; SI., Sleet ; t, Inappreciable.
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11. Kilgore: A Comparison of Two Methods of Vaccinating Against Typhoid
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protect itself from the deleterious effects of pathogenic micro-
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shred in first glass, which floated, then slowly sank ; stained ; contained
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and indigestion. The symptoms of dyspepsia tirst showed
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some cases are united, but in others are sharply separated laterally from each
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if, indeed, it has any validity at all. In the first place, certain of the
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their intense solicitude, and allow me time for further observations of the
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Elements of Surgical Pathology. By Augustus J. Pepper, M.S.,