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his bodily integrity. His preoperative symptoms were all

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some particular glands ; that it is the particular fuuctiun of

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as the fibrinous deposit is very intransparent. The second leads

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hepatic colic attends the passage of membranes along the bile -ducts.

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to break down into a semifluid amorphous mass a real abscess

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ribbon (for surgeons only), for service in Prussian Army ;

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rowed pelvis. Steps should at once be taken to ascer-

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tion, in affections of the nervous system. At present our know-

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ing vaccination and re- vaccination, is the want of facilities for getting pure vaccine-

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appliances, are attended with uncertain results and that a small opening

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attempt to make this entrance, but I could not rid my mind of the fear that

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especially the ganglia of the sympathetic. In the brain

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not be received in the present day, for it mustK)f necessity establish a relation be-

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dosage as the normal heart. Consequently it has been our custom to

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Moreover, the further progress of the inflammation of the kidney

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say that such cases may not occur, but I know of none and I

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but nowhere has it obtained a more complete sway than in med-

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in one of the London hospitals ; and in this case also the appli-

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unmistakably a definite relation between this loss of complement and the

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trephine opening was made, a crucial incision in the scalp and

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indurated tissue, either in the form of little plates or branched

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but to no purpose whatever. The experiments might as well have been

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another mare's nest, in which the absurdity of their

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Courses taken concurrently with a University of Maryland, Baltimore registrafion at

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believes that the liver is the great absorbent organ, and see no

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The lectures in Chemistry are delivered by Professor Dr. I.

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in i860 ; and the other provisions of the Scottish Universities Act came into