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Ambler, C. P. Some statistics upon serotherapy in tuberculosis,
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Dr. Reed is of opinion that it is best to examine the patient at a time when
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cent. Even in the prevaccination period the same differences in mortality
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and beans. In their place he ordered the following diet, which I
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enforces the importance of what he terms the " iDOwer of moral impres-
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iris. In all the cases I have seen heretofore, as in
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pose the gangrenous parts, to facilitate the evacuation of the faecal matters, and
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surface to avoid danger to the mother by lessening friction. The thighs
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Roberts, Hon. Dr. W. F., Reconstruction of the Adolescent Period of Our
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causes of physical depression, the shock of a gunshot wound when
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absent. When such a process occurs under normal conditions, it is quite
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a short period, and until means are used to rouse the suspended
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ples are currently believed. The dread of immediate disso-
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Art. IL On the Period of Incubation of Tt/pMis, Relapsing Fever, and
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some points, there seemed to be cortical structure of
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therapeutic value as they were formerly. But this is because
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was given to Dr. Favre for his researches upon Dal-
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creased dilution can overcome, leaving the water above Law-
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and bowels by dissolving them, and quickening peristaltic action,
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lirium, butting, shivering, and tenderness of the loins, while
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Case 10. Lieut. , wounded on September 15, 1916. in the scalp by a
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pure oil cannot be borne, we may give it in the form of an
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clinical teaching (in those days an Infirmary Surgeon could not
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basis of a similar law for every State. Every physician should in his indi-
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which the operation should be carried. This, I think,
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tion. In simple ulceration, the blood most frequently comes
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rivative. White scales or crystalline powder, odorless and tasteless.
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lic, to the impositions practiced upon them by a class of people, who are
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not return, and she did not give any sign of a return to reason.
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again etherized and the kidney freely exposed through
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0.23 c. c. toxine No. 7+1/1080 c. c. antitoxic horse serum (NY 306) . 62 days
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often more than once, and then, as in the World War, mailerl back
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with the epidemic. The Indians at first judged it to be terciana, but found
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Attending Pediatrist to the Mt. Sinai Hospital, New York.
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have always been, healthy. There is no other instance of
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to the amount of active pepsin present at the beginning of the reaction ;
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significant difference in solvent exposure frequency between