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stituting the human frame. I saw Dyer since I received

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whether or not tlie periteneum has been opened. Then

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offered by lesions in other localities. In 173 cases of lesions of

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High Sghool, our heads together and our arms intertwisted, as only lovers and boys know

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first, that he saw the head of a colt that had no sign

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important position and played his game of chess, as

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The use of ether or chloroform is contra-indicated by the

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Epidemics have been reported at Corbach, 1860 ; Plauen, 1861-

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pain. Morphine is perhaps the best remedy to relieve pain.

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In the medical journals of the day you will see many kinds of

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camps and city is discouraged as far as possible by the

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groin into the abscess. It was found that the abscess cavity extended

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mischief as was generally .supposed, for within six

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drawn and plunged into absolute alcohol. Sections of the two sponges

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more convenient, after having cleansed the ear by means

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One night after going to bed, began to cough, choke,

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keep a tape-measure where you can use it once a week, to measure the

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depreciation of the currency and the high rates of living

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rules: (I) All cases that have ruptured should be op-

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few hemorrhages. Other organs not markedly affected.

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lation more distinct, her right arm stronger, and she could walk without much

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lesions have been formed in the lung. With a single exception,

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A diaphragmatic hernia is liable to become strangulated either at the

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I will not knowingly and unjustly, by speech or by silence, diminish

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cluded ; hence there is reafon to fear a fudden pu-

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Evening : pulse 100, temperature not taken, feels prostrated.