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Post-mortem and Bacteriological Report. Case 2. By Dr James

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must be disinfected by means of chlorinated lime. People attend-

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two miles long, often almost impassable after heavy rains, the

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who attended both of his lecture-courses within the space

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ing upon a standard above the circumstances of the country and the

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9. Fischl MA, Richman DD, Grieco MH, et al: The efficacy of azidothymidine

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Boi! in a gallon of water till reduced to three quarts;

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Treatment of Croupo-diphtheritic Laryngeal Stenosis by

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of typhoid fever, though the sign was j)re8ent, there

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Traite Elementaire d'Anatomie contenant les Preparations 1' Anatomic De-

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Dr. Coleman then read the report from the Committee on

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the " tender mercies JJ of irresponsible nursery girls

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first affected. Still ho believed that the opposite

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mand, a dose of pepsin wine at each meal, with dry warm

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purpose and steady perseverance will be needed. The former,

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been only too long delayed. It is the right of mothers and chil-

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vascular sheaths, muscle). It allows the hypochlorite solu-

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investigate the subject, and one of the members of that commission, J. II. Klip-

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with the refractometric readings. Our results show either a slight

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Meeting, stating the time when, and the place where, it is to be held, to defend, if

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who are free of infection as an infectious fever patient is separated

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take place, and it may be doubted if in Case 4 the ligature was

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the task of correcting the remedial defects of young children, and

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two months, and so on to eighteen months, giving for each

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In a widow, sixty-three years of age, who had suffered for fifteen years with