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lobular tissue. The smaller tubercles were more transparent, and
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the urine has on setting up cancer in the rectum. The reason
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eign countries. All persons desiring to compete for these
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ment recommended over several hours, testing at intervals the samples
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In treatment we are here also restricted to electrolysis and excision.
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The other commissures seem to be only for occasional or supplementary
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colour-blindness is the associated failure of visual acuity for form almost always
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tained by (6) field ambulance conveyances ; (7) railway ambulance
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encouraged and are presently available in medical consultation and risk assessment, preventive
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stood on both sides of streets symmetrically laid out
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RENCE, the eminent surgeon, has had the ; at the early age of 32. He was favourably
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so, and those which are healed and which may be disregarded. Its
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In order to prevent the formation of false membranes, some
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mosphere in such regions is not only aseptic, but also
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a famous appetite, which upon close interrogation was very evident. His
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The principal means which have been employed to produce artificial
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whose fibers are accompanied by cells obviously of nervous origin.
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ternal intereostals have the mastery and cause the costal borders to
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Stromeyer has almost completely abandoned forcible extension and counter-
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domestic fowl which developed paralysis on a polished rice^ diet.
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nia, tingling sensation, perineal burning, photophobia, and
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had, and I remember perfectly well how he used to say to look
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were slightly enlarged, the glands were normal in size.
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evidence that gastric and diarrhoeal affections may also be caused by drink-
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of mistaking it for Weil's disease. During the course, however, there should
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which are preferable to a bare record culled from memory, the
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One dog was sent from Loveland, one from Fort Lupton,
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Dr. Newton : — Much has been said, of late, in regard to the use of
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])]iysic"; during his life in tlie old cathedral city the Quakers
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that there may have been undetected coincident gram-
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of Lead 1 is 2,000; of Lead 2, 2,300; of Lead 3, 3,300 ohms.
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that she was able to keep her bowels regular with six or eight senna
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avoided whenever possible; as the result will often be a faecal fistula
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public singers (three female and one male), one female teacher, and
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sepsis, sterilize all the genital organs with antiseptic. The best is a two
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half- to one-per-cent solutions of Crede' s silver intravenously, and
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average. The head was still larger when she died two months later. We
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radiation instead of by convection. It affords an excellent
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from its usual place into the hypogastrium, occupying a jh -i-