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usually affords advantages. The subsequent use of perchloride
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nales in a rudimental state. — American Journal, February, 1832.
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tThese hospitals are participants in an ongoing study of smoke inhalation victims sponsored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency-US Fire Administration and the International Association of Fire
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mand, a dose of pepsin wine at each meal, with dry warm
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% Treatise on the Diseases of Children, by Chas. West, M. D.
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lymph itremains metallic silver ; but in the presence
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broad, and the anterior fontanelle unnaturally large. The pupils were perma-
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from an infinity of small holes in the flesh, which
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influence of scopolamine-morphine, we first obtained her history
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every two months or so, always stands on his window-table, and
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in children, this is almost nil. Delirium in these cases is not an unfavorable
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undigested starch granules, as shown by the iodine test, is addi-
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Department of the University of Illinois, Chicago; Neurologist to the Cook
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the greater the destruction effected, so that persons who happen to
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Angiomas are likely to give rise to dangerous hemorrhage. Only
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Cleaning instruments and preserving them from rust is a matter
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which I am indebted to Mr. Craig, of Ratho, it was necessary to
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marked displacement of the eyeball and the oedematous condition
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The skeletal muscles, like the nerves, often show various degrees of fatty
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carrying on experimental researches in private, who
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bound separately at the end of the year. The first number is of a very
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was known to exist within many miles, and no other case fol-
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I have been using a chart which gives the necessary instructions
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bactcriolofjical investigation is a fiiii! example of what may
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Braun. Maj; & Seifert, Otto. Die tierischen parasiten des menschen . *. .
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great length of time. The taste i- very lnneb a matter of culture;
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pursue his ordinary avocations to a certain extent, any undue
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reasons why children when born do not breathe promptly. One of