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All the streptococci except Strains C.141, M.58, M.61, M.62, M.73,
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is such that I can recognize at the moment it begins even the sm.d'est tear. I
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in the epileptic state, and is held to be irresponsible ;
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A soft rectal tube is attached to the tube of the injector by a short
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the ocular conjunctiva, limited parts of which become dry and lustreless,
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The most common caus^ however, is the faulty technic and in-
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poisoning, and thrombosis. When the swelling is great, pressure
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tetanus bacilli. Where tetanus follows vaccination, it is due to in-
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along the edges of the flaps. In some cases it may be necessary to
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This definition is rather arbitrary. Sutton* tells us it is
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One woman suffering from hysteria has had all the symptoms ever
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The crucial test had been passed and it only remained to
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this isolation in bed had so preyed on his mind that he was determined