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of the week. At the end of the 3 preceding weeks such cases
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disease is communicated have yet to be studied. While this is
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Nasal Hemorrhages. — Suprarenal gland has made a great
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the results have been quite satisfactory. The guiding rule should
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tanned canvas 6 ft. long, by 1 ft. 11 in. wide, nailed with copper
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with mucilage of althaea, gum-arabic, sugar, and white of egg.
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therefore, should be learnt, as well as that of the body ;
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fore limbs are affected, the nose and head swell. This sometimes
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matous growths of the ovaries were essentially innocent, others distinctly
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n. The next well-marked stage in the development of the Cerebrum is where
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head of McCaul street. The first session will convene at 2 o'clock p.m ,
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power is now admitted from the many observations that hav4 been
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these cases. The position of the patient should be governed
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In sciatica a rectal examination should not be omitted. The thermocautery,
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masses. Purplish red spots and streaks of congestion and hemor-
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on Children's Diseases, to find that one gets av/ay immediately from the
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subsequent removal of the broken-up lens through a small incision.
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two; in the sheep, seventy to seventy-five; and in the
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aided by these visits to Spa, I found my practice so
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history of medicine, but until near the middle of last century
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patients, three being military hospitals and two municipal hospitals.
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energy ; as, when these are used, the physician can always see
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otorrhoja for a long time, measles four months ago ; family history of phthisis.
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of potash three times daily. He is an advocate of a restricted diet ; but when
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may protect animals that are not highly sensitive. - Therefore,