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It was evident, on examination, that there was a large

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general internal medicine practice. West J Med 1993 Apr; 158:359-363)

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upon as almost pathognomonic of appendicitis. The sensitive-

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of the psychosis, is more important than making a diagnosis by

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Frohlich, a. 1904 Beitrag zur Kenntnis des intraspinalen Faserverlaufes

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cent. It is therefore very similar to iodoform in its properties, but

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the anaesthetic, a dose of morphia and atropine, or of atropine and

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and Circular, April 27th, on the subject of lethargy or

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history— Perceptions of internal medicine physicians. Arch Intern Med 1987;

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V Original articles contributed exclusively to The Medi-

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and 215, where the nature and characteristics of this bark are fully set

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