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freedom from pus and the improved condition of the patient.

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arm, and one on the middle of the arm to the elbow. This condition

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the afebrile periods small, bright, round bodies have been observed


methylene blue. The epithelial cell is enlarged, vacuolated, and filled with

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designated by the Junior Chamber of Commerce of Min-

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of the sticks. If the child asks if he may place them together,

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in FIG. I. Uptake in the absence of oxalate ( ), at 4° C ( ) and in the absence of

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if not the only hypothesis of the day, till the be-

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being bloody and foul; extreme fetor of this discharge and of the breath;

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system, clinical medicine and clinical surgery are subjects

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dition is reflected to the brain and other organs through the

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accomplished, we yet lack many things. We require an estab-

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the pia mater, and opacity and thickening of the arachnoid membrane. (See

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after three or four treatments the cell count is usually at or near nor-

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The laboratory facilities provided by local author-

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