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It occasionally occurs in scarlatina that the eruption
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3. " That the exudative inflammation commences, invariably, in the
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epidemics, subcutaneous injections of morphia are as little fitted as all other
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The true pelvic floor is a fixed structure, but the fascial branches
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with me two medical friends from China, and on my calling their
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hours after delivery, it seems to have been intended
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and covered by oiled silk, may be left on it as a dressing. The
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Published monthly. Price $3.00 the year; 25 cents the
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spine into a position never naturally assumed, and all this
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38. Loco, Loco- Weed {Oxytropis Lamberti 2LX\d. its varieties)
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mostly to be met with, a sort of verrucse or warty excrescences, of va-
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and potass, chlor. was ordered, §ss. to be drank, dissolved in water, in
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is that it was not there. The castor oil and other laxatives, and
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salicylate to about 200 of milk was also eflfective, as was resorcin
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surface, whether that surface be over the tuberosity of the ischium or
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were foreigners our medical care for this accident was completely free (yet the
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long bones of the limbs. Leaving aside for the moment the con-
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at the periphery of the lobule and is usually more marked here than at the
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issue for the women who had some care, 5 of the women
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to the bowel obstruction but to inflammatory disturbance in
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and 15 minutes, and after 4 hours the figures given above were obtained). Re-
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These remedies had the best effects, but the next day the pain was violent in
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cine, than as embracing in themselves sufficient data for positive con-
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that it is devoid of all effect." In the review of Gregory's Chemistry,
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" Where, where ! — Art thou come ? Why, my cheese, my
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day, possessing a curative action on piroplasmosis, and yet they
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ther add, these spermatic veins receive the arteries as they
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return, referred to the pride which all felt, from the Kaiser to the