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which the Province of Maryland was restored. Major*

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the Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia with a

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tive and dangerous. It will appear such an easy thing to

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trol, or as being a condition of no material moment, inasmuch

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their action is a limited one, and that only the internal remedy

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those whose occupation calls for decided muscular exertion. A muscle is

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has taken advantage of the well-known antagonism of certain

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gynecology, a position he has ever since held ; and on the

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many years' experience with different patients, added to his in-

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members of the society adjourned, leaving the lake by the

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mercantile world, and although the outlook for his future

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it was no accident that he accomplished these results, but that they

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jective symptoms are weakness, and more especially intense headache; this

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woman," "a ' Deborah' among Iheni.for her wisdom and

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Three of these cases exhibited great dryness, roughness, and

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specimens of the drug. The alkaloid hydras tine, with which the

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the inside all right, and you will be surprised at your success in

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The thorax presents, even in the mildest cases, very characteristic and

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jectiles to contusions, cracks, and fissures^ to fractures by contact,

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well deserved. The book contains records for daily engagements,

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1 Revue Homoeopathique Beige. Bruxelles, Decenibre, 1884.

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the finger is a shock, and the woman at once complains before

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in-chief of " Johnson's Universal Cyclopedia," to prepare a special

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of M.D. He then entered upon post-graduate work as a member of

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fession, scruple to copy whatever processes are necessary for

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merged into 1865, when the blessing of peace was once

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has been returned to its proper position by finger or repositor,

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power is an objection, since the color which it imparts to cotton

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occasionally, when menstruation was entirely or partially sup-

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powers ordinarily used by others appear to have ranged from

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which have in turn taken up every position between the absolute

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tics of shortened illness and diminished mortality, not only

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The records of the last (June) meeting were read by the sec-

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Colchicum has a rapid action on the pains of acute arthritis :

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are both — every germ comes from living or germinal matter, and

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The diseases which are met exclusively in patients of the

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Medical College, from which he was graduated in March, 1869, with

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of an insect, there seems no doubt of coming at a distinct

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been demanded of physiologists by society at large. It is a

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of an abscess in the axilla ; and not only did she immediately

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the work of American surgeons — in its present honorable place