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J. B. Ronaldson, Haddington ; Messrs. Reynolds and Branson, Leeds ;

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main mass of the growtli lay upon the velum interpositum,

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squamous epithelioma of tlie septum of the nose which you have sent

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£;-l3, to be paid annually from the rates. At the expiration of thirty years

suprax 200 mg filmtabletta 10x r

less than twenty four hours after he had visited the surgery.

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and 58,856 were revaccinated persons over 10 years of age,

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the chair. Sir William Charley, Q.C., D.C.L., late Common

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by Kunig the tumour was a telangiectatic glioma, and in

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Die Doppelbilder bei Augenmuskelliihmungen in symmetrischer Anord-

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structureless black masses, probably rendered the fungus

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recurrence of menstruation. The arteries of the body of the

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- Five Cases of Intracranial Lesions, with Defects in the

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and especially Prussia, are far ahead of us. The supervision

suprax belongs to third generation of what type of drug

tain the presence of micro-organisms, specific or general.

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Dr. E. Delefosse. Paris: J. B. Bailliore et Fils. 18ia 4 francs.

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Erratum.— In our last issue. 1073, column l, lines 20, 31, the words " is

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letter was recently issued by the Local Government Board,

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cent, of sugar. ■■• Acetone present." I may mention that Dr. Molony first

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remit the sum of five shillings, the amount due for two years'

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Mr. Wakley (solicitor), who appeared for Mr. Strange, said