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missioners jurisdiction over the disposition of animals affected

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taken up the worn-out ones, the heart sucks it up through the veins

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cerning which any details are given, by the condition of the patient on admis-

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specimens," was awarded to Messrs. Louis S. Poskanzer and Joseph R.

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stone; but it possesses another fossil — the pentremite — in

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lobular, the consolidations varying in size from very minute areas to

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creek was affected w-ith typhoid. His linen was washed

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by Yocholiers and LeClerc. Dr. Clavel, through the Therapeutic Review,

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suggest a slight grade of neuritis. One of these is weakness in the legs which

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surgeons, and many of whom are past the age permitting

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time. For the development of this degree of laryngeal disease

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severe, and it nearly always foUows the course of the colon. Between the

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themselves in the course of chronic inflammation of the kidneys

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portion of the cervical canal is then dissected out, and

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seven and from diphtheria of one hundred and seventy-three, and from both

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tuted by the Parliament of the people under the Defence of

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to turn him on his face. Be as gentle as possible and always

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Divergences from the normal hue, or color, are also worthy

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ing exhibit. Sensational novelties of course are not

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They are like wife ufeful in this refpeel, that purga-

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Note the "knotty club" motif and a lion's head on the sharp retractor at the extreme

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western Nebraska. The soil is colluvial upland and remark-

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Fig. 109 indicates the manner in which the splint is attached.

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of potassium permanganate, and, later, a 2 per cent solution of silver nitrate.

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dressings, that ought to have been given to the severely

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.\cctronitrilo, 10.11 mgm., i. e., 0.7 nigni. por giii. mouse. Survived.

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with wearying pains, causing him to be restless at night, and