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by Cammidge.^^ According to his view in the milder stages of diabetes

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the ordinary congestive abscesses which start from the vertebral

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96 Maiden Lane, Laboratories, A. J. Conner & Co.

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dendrites arise and extend for long distances within the same

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the impression which must necessarily be obtained by per-

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To accomplish the main indications mentioned, there is no

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a quantity of a dark-red putrid fluid. The ascending colon is thickened

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speedily to become a standard work on lung disease.

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optics, and of optical instruments, which have led to great

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are very loose in the head, they had better be taken out

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these vascular fringes and, passing into the general meningeal space, is

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The etiology is probably almost entirely that of vascular disease, especially

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subpoenaed by defendant, but his evidence was not thought

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apply. Without the co-operation of the medical profession and

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inhalation (the most common method), by the milk (in calves),

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justification for the continued cost to the taxpayers of these

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the duty of every government to bestow at least as much attention upon the

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improvement, all that can be done for the advancement of

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of such a nature that in order not to be compromising

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suddenly dull before vanishing is usually considered to cor-

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of procedure as evidence of a too restricted view of the factors involved

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brought out in hospital practice, groups of cases being met with

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about the face, in fact in all suturing of the skin. It never

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probably much of this confusion of deduction arises from an improper

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have laiely had several deaths from the dis-'away from the right side. The left side

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cases which came to us, and have arrived at the conclusion that

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Assistant Sargeon A. C. Norris, 25th Pa. Vols., twelve davs.

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Oct. 4. — Evening temp. 104°. No abdominal distension or

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cians, I believe, who may not, in reviewing many cases which have

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Dear Sir — In view of the fact that a considerable majority of the