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physically more robust, if intellectually less cultured, generation of the pre-

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neither of which represent sharply defined or entirely fixed char-

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tions of the eyeball ; S ilicvlate of Sodium of the gi-eat-

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fifty per cent, of the skin cases are black or modifica-

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changes. It looks somewhat like the mucous membrane

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the special or exclusive organs of absorption. Still they are scattered

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Sir William had an immense capacity for work, and the

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the beginning of the century, published a " Treatise on Medical Police," in 1809.

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No. 68. The diseased popliteal gland which was the only evi-

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"Microorganisms in the Cannery Industries" by Prescott and Under-

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is denied by our modern inquirers into the secrets of nature.

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by great abuniarce of heat in a man, that the hair doth curl

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ing to set aside all cause of error. But, I repeat, one fact remains

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ergotin solution, also of other salts and alkaloids, is prepared

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It is the femald mosquito only that bites, and therefore the female

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far from ideal. At the present time, however, it seems to be the

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Priestley (1733-1804), the friend of Benjamin Franklin, whilst

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care system. Downsizing in health care would then elimi-

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bricos univerfos cif afcarides, exiftentes etiam, quo potus

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importance of giving cancer a wide berth, no matter

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be a specific centre for the vagus nerve; the sciatic

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in this case the larvas are deposited on the ground, are viviparous, and

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good many differences still prevailing among those who

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produce sensory phenomena. There is no doubt that a good many

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But to return to the ducts and follicles. Were it possible to re-

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DOSE: Teaspoonful. In acute cases every hour until pain ceases, then discontinue. In chronic forms,

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joint for the bandage to act upon. — Revue de Therapy July 15,

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precedence towards the recovery it is not easy to say.

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agent, antithrombin III (or just “antithrombin”), is of pecu-

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3. Bell WR. Starksen NF. Tong S, Porterfield JK: Trousseau’s syndrome —

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of epithelial infection." That is to say, when a formative em-

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There are some conclusions which may be stated with great