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viz., not very far lateral to the lamina terminalis.
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serous membrane covering the heart towards its apex opaque;
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uterine quietude, but because it would break up the morbid excitement
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it was a fibrinous mass. The appearance indicated an endocarditis of
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Instances of facial deformities have been increased in number by
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ago our best authorities would have pronounced hope-
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in a strictly botanical dictionary. While the result thus
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“only if the drugs are safe and effective?” Because these
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nected by cellular tissue to the muscular coat, the inflammation
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is established, and has been for years. The records of the Northern Dis-
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In pneumonia the affected side moves less than the sound side, but not to
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practice we are on less certain ground. What objection can be
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ally subsides and has a tendency to clear up, and the deposit to be
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ence upon the course of the disease ; but the exceptions to this
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and when necessary extra galleys for troop service are put
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ReMine found a 1.2 percent incidence of fistulae in a review
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shown that it did not contain more albumen than could be referred to the amount
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injected without any effect into the ear-veins of two rabbits, the animals
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small abstractions. The medical Faculty of Paris, which almost stand
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cholic and cholera, and 17 hepatitis; under the class of brain and ner-
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the General Health good, but the Recovery not complete after the lapse of
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same theory applied to idiopathic fever, and during the whole of it no ttkrtKi
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The chairman of the committee on embodying the Acts of the
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excitability, teaches that all medicaments act in a general manner on
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for years and then breuk out with extraordinary violence. About
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left base, was generally firm on section, but soft here and there,
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is of more serious import. In such a case further examination
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Objection has been made that it does not really reduce the frac-
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filled the bulb and part of the tube with alcohol, and then sealed
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eased part, as, for instance, in the West of England,
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not upon a mere assumption tiiat the blood-serum of the drop-
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in the interpretation of the symptoms, when echinococci are dis-
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which has no greater sigriilicance for the body than the storing up of certain metals
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generally sufficiently healed to allow the arm free of the bandages, and
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meafure yield, a compleat feparation of thefe bones is
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en;Dgi N., (now. t lud.catet trace of rainfall. 0^ iMean for week.
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of sunshine, of which in this country there is no lack. One
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16 Bruce : Discussion on Localisation uf Foreign Bodies
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syphilitic exanthema. It must not be forgotten that s^-philis may coexist
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of parallel determinations of the electrocardiogram and the ventricular