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duced by these causes are convulsions, consumption, apoplexy, croup, diarrhoea,
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73.8 per cent, of these had syphiKs of the aorta. In Hubert's
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The uterus continually showed a disposition to relax. Soon vomit-
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kidney exert on the integrity of the healthy organ?
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it the treatment of incising or dilating the cervix;'' but his
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arrangement are, we believe, postponed by the soundest
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fant, before it is born, may be affected by the temper of its mother?' "
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loudly ; if the movements ceased at all she would often scream.
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powerfully by the first partner." Dr. H. concludes, from experiments made, that
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Appearance of First Symptom. — May, 1921, and consisted in
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In spite, therefore, of the restriction in water intake, the con-
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adequate renal function. The same holds good for the total
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one were twenty-four and forty-three years old respectively.
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lower extremity. Although voKtional control of the right face
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in our civilised age, exceedingly slight, when so great care is
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right eye in converging forward. There was no nystagmus
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transfusion. Dr. E. Libman took charge of the general manage-
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degeneration ot the race, is a blighting curse to civilization, and Christian religion,
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the semicircular canals prodaced brusque motions of the head in various directions,
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blished disease, were examples either of sympathetic Irrita-
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normal, the phenolsulphonephthalein test normal, and evi-
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And if morphine can be proved, when introduced into the cdlular
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netic under the influence of electricity. The blood is at the same time oxydized by
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For breakfast: 350 c.c. of coffee with milk and 50 gm. of bread.
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tion. By the advice of Prof. v. Q-raefe, who was then in Dusseldorf,
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dread of punishment operate to lessen the number of abortions and child-murders ;
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mode of injection. The addition of acid does not remove the incon-
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mature. I find, however, a case recorded by Spiegelberg in which
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riages are a fruitful source of insanity. When the pure love of the heart has been
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of a form, like the inner surface of the ventricles of tiie heart.