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are of a mild form, though it is stated that fatal second

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root or hot vinegar. It often happens that chronic laryngitis ends

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Over the sixth and seventh cervical vertebrae the skin was denuded

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by living organisms of extreme minuteness ; and vital statistics furnish

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to eat it, or get excited, and then they will lie down again,

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thus far the first inhalation has produced an uninterrupted night's rest.

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be held in Chattanooga, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday,

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mittent" extension. On using this splint a little attention is

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condition was primarily due to grit, and whether it remained in

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their persistence in removing the appendix in cases where it should

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excused from all heavy drill and hikes. The active duty of Case 11 in

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her condition at the same time I saw her — ten days after the first

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was found, running from before backward, on each side of the

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Assistant-Surgeon Corridon Morrow, 48d Ohio Vols, (published offl-

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clinical characters of diphtheria without the Loeffler bacillus, it is evident,

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every discovery made discloses new objects of research,

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which should therefore be administered during decompression in cases

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On the 12th Dr. Gardner met me again and we removed the

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" Finally, the sixth and last, and by far the most extended

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body The first is choler, vi'hich physicians call stava biiis,

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they form a dome-shaped vault, with the liver in the right side and the

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ment of tlie extensor muscles of the thigli in a jumptir;

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pended to his paper, and which we have already alluded

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bone. The periosteum is next peeled off, then the fibrous tissue of the

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Cut slices, rub egg over them, sprinkle with crumbs of

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hot air sterilizer at a temperature a little below 100° C, instead of the old

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a continuous extension of a similar substance in the "interior of these

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survey of literary characters, I hold to be the most