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Usually the vomitus consists of food at first, but this may be followed

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There must therefore be a sort of interface somewhere in the alveoli

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thopaedists about dividing tendons in these forms of

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Bassorin is prepared by washing Bassora gum with a large

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detegerem , cum in meo proprio , intuitu trabs fit difcernenda? Vel

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circulation, the sugar is altered or destroyed in the lungs, so that it

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body what the actual effect of electrolysis is, so far as regards

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divisions, namely — ^the Materia Medica proper, and Prepara-

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December 15. Put in the calorimeter this morning after a milk diet.

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the air. The advisability of dispensing entirely with irrigation, and conse-

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ligamentous attachments, must next be. examined ; for

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The AnglcFrencli Drug Co., Ltd.. Holbom, London, B.C. W. B. H. W., Surgeon, R.N.

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their inefficiency or inadequacy is dealt with by him.

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number of persons cannot write their own names legibly or

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appearances led it to be regarded as a kind of alveolar colloid cancer.

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closure of the tube. The closure of the meatus is greatly more com-

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of the Committee on Meeting Place. A special train will be run

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ed, of course, by the sedentary character of their labor.

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point, but the existing observations are opposed to the idea that the

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the changes in size and shape after a meal may be fol-

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I am satisfied that it is a good thing and have purchased his book.

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such a doctor was in the habit of prescribing. [Great laughter

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hours afterwards ; her condition was then much improved ; she

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received its name from the fact that their optical center corresponds to

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but, above all, they indicate the rational employment of continuous

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Contrary to the view \oug u])held that crysialline mole-

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is not an essential requisite for the operation of a remedy.

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nessee. This mountain itself stands as a monument of

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pulse ranged from 125 to 130. On the evening of the second day it was

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