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4 giving the curves of the osmotic pressures of the four albumin salts

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I. The Physics of Effision into the Pleiral Cavity. — In

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Fig. 5. — The arrest of hcsniorrhage after removal or>-|;pj>ior and then

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affinity, but a chimio-taxis, or marked individuality of action which leads them ^

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superior inguinal ring, feeling only the peritoneal membrane,

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TABLE exhibiting the mortaUiy cfeach post, and the relative degree of sickness.

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ing for hours. That form of bath is practicable in any house,

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the direct escape of the gas, is not a practicable measure.

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or butter, and, in fact, all food composed of flour, sugar

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worms. These, in their turn, may live an indefinite

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produce either heat or energy. So far as we understand it, his argument

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he may do so by paying for the odd months between 1st July and 1st January at the rate

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chief object in spending the winter in Florida is this : A man

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the head, suddenly fell backward and toward the left

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Since, therefore, it takes in the neighborhood of twenty-eight

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— which she will continue to do till the fresh stimulus

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one ; " a true inflammation originating in the pulmonary vessels, which are par-

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may be called are — (1) The sex of the patient ; (2) the persist-

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cian being obliged to decide the point on the instant,

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many cases of tetanus which have recovered without receiving antitetanic

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the cortex contained some cysts. It will be seen that the