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Wounds,' &c., have been translated by Dr. Charleton, and

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The author in this work has made a feature of recognizing the great

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New systems of medicine — Doctrines of Stahl — Expectant medi-

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against the walls of its chamber, and ultimately after constant futile move-

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inconvenient, the work of churning and slopping and cleaning, with

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etween May and November. ECM is more common early in

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times found it no easy matter to smooth over the trouble in which both

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with great effect, showing beyond question tliat, as far as our experience of the latter

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straining sheets, which is better than struggling with him. A good dose of

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10,000 manuscripts, half of which are in Oriental languages.

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sixteen of average strength and twelve feeble. Thirty-

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once shows a positive reaction he retains his hypersensitiveness for a

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animal excreta, has for three years been testing its value as a surgical dressing,

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had been expelled. The colon could be plamly made out,

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it particularly indicated in cases where there is reason to suspect

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that this method was often productive of a fatal re-

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However, the prophylactic efforts, as represented by the compara-

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been administered uninterrupterlly ninc«; tlie operation, are

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slightly soiled with blood-stained mucus. The mother stated

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to be feared in the administration. A trial has been made at Padua. Fright-

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the centres. The lesions grow less and less pronounced as they recede from

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2. About 2 gm. of freshly prepared aluminum amalgam are added

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membranes, as shown by the pieces adhering to the sponge, and also, b? i^

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verely ravaging the lowlands immediately adjacent. The

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vertebral angles, but this braced back the shoulders to such an extent

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that even a subconscious desire to remain out of the fighting could

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The British Medical-Association began at ^Yorceste^ on June 19th,

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Such may be the action of Nitro-hydrochlonc acid. It ex>

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Directors— Drs. A. W. Collins, L. J. Lennox, R. C. Olin, F. L.

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case, Bernard refers to the fact that the chemical composition of the saliva is

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which exist, they range from the often well conceived